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Asset Management

With varied backgrounds, experience from across different economies and a passion for providing solutions to investors, InvestCorp believes that investing is not a matter of simply placing your money in a financial institution / bank and earning interest. Rather it is about a deliberate plan to achieve defined objectives.

Our asset management business provides services in institutional and private wealth management, managed investment funds, specialized funds and alternative assets. Within our Asset Management services, we offer the following

Mutual Funds

You can invest either as an individual or as a group.

InvestCorp offers several investment funds that suit your varying life priorities and investing needs. Our competitive fees and returns do not only help you achieve your financial goals quicker but also make investing easy, convenient and affordable.

Besides benefiting from our consistent competitive performance, investing in an InvestCorp mutual fund also allows you to own a diversified investment portfolio. Additionally, you will have access to our seasoned investment professionals who are here to facilitate your financial planning needs, thus providing clarity on the investment decisions you make.

You can invest either as an individual or as a group. This means you take control of your investment choice, but allow professionals to manage the portfolio dynamics.

Pension Funds Managament


Tiers II and III Scheme

We manage Tier II (both Occupational Pensions and Master Trust Schemes) and Tier III pensions contributions, and are committed to developing innovative approaches to retirement planning.
Our voluntary benefits / welfare funds are designed to provide more flexibility for companies and employees to better handle welfare and long-stay compensation issues.


Private Wealth Management
Our Private Wealth Suite provides tailored products and investment strategies targeted at High Net-Worth Individuals and their families, Foundations and Entrepreneurs. Our approach helps you better create, maintain and sustain your wealth – a necessity for most families and entrepreneurs.


Institutional Fund Management
We develop investment portfolios that help institutional investors, insurance companies, pension trustees, private businesses and government agencies maximize return through different asset allocation / portfolio strategies. We provide these services at very competitive fees.
Individuals and Families

We are always available to provide you with personalized wealth management solutions.

HNI Investment Solutions
As an InvestCorp client, you have access to your professional advisor throughout your financial life. We are always available to provide with personalized wealth management solutions. We understand that your personal situation and the direction of your goals may change over time, thus we constantly monitor your portfolio to enable us make adjustments to suit them.


Private Wealth Management

Personalizing the Approach – Your Approach

Your life goals, modest or ambitious, have financial implications. As times change, life itself may throw varied complexities your way. For this reason, our wealth professionals are committed to helping you visualize a financial arrangement that best suits your current needs and plans for the different phases of your life.

We strongly believe that you should remain focused and invest appropriately so we

  • take you through a detailed discussion of your goals
  • present to you the options and opportunities available per your unique needs, risk tolerance, time horizon and liquidity needs
  • construct a customized investment plan for you


Protecting my Assets
The process of wealth creation typically involves a lot of sacrifices including your hard work to earn your income, the perseverance in building your own business and watch it thrive etc. Your hard-earned money should be preserved in order to sustain your wealth and better safe your future. We are help to help you consolidate your assets at every point in your lifetime and provide strategies to protect your money against inflation, market downturns, currency depreciation and other losses. Regarding protecting your wealth, our team provides guidance on
  • take you through a detailed discussion of your goals
  • present to you the options and opportunities available per your unique needs, risk tolerance, time horizon and liquidity needs
  • construct a customized investment plan for you


Planning my Retirement

Sustain a comfortable lifestyle after retirement

You seek to either maintain or improve the quality of your current lifestyle after retirement and this is particularly critical because of the challenges the period comes with. Keeping a future-focused investment is to first, support your pensions and secondly, to prepare you for the second phase of retirement – old age.

Our team of professionals engage you on your retirement goals and spending needs to advise you of how much you need to have, to retire comfortably. We help you understand how factors such as the period to retirement and the sources of retirement income affect the quality of your retirement.

Retirement is not optional so we pay attention to it and ensure that you have a structure that is suited for your goals.


Transitioning My Wealth

Preserving my Legacy

Growing your wealth and protecting your assets help you to establish control. But what happens after you are gone and have no control?

Estate planning ensures that your wealth is appropriately distributed in a way that retains your control over your property.

InvestCorp’s Professionals will help you plan your estate and determine what you want to do with your wealth; bequeathing to individuals, institutions or charity, sale of property and redirection of funds etc.

You can engage us on writing your will and planning the allocation of your inheritance as well as defining / updating of your retirement account beneficiaries


Talk to an Advisor

Sustain a comfortable lifestyle after retirement

Our professional investment advisors are available to listen to what your needs are and help you to better prepare for your various life goals. Talk to us to today.

Click here to leave your details so a wealth manager can contact you.

Exiting Clients should contact their wealth management professional directly.



Preserving my Legacy

The InvestCorp Client Appreciation and Reward Program (ICARP) provides our premium clients with additional benefits for choosing us.

In addition to appreciating your financial objectives and providing you with customized portfolio management services, we have entered into strategic partnerships to enable you enjoy varied lifestyle benefits in areas of healthcare, beauty, wellness, automobile care, fine dining etc.

ICARP beneficiaries receive unique identification cards that afford them certain benefits when presented at any of our partnered institutions.

Let us continue to create wealth together!

Corporations & Institutions

We are committed to developing innovative approaches to pension fund management.

Pension Funds


Tiers II Schemes

We manage Tier II pension contributions of

  • Employer Sponsored Occupational Pensions Schemes – membership limited to the employees of an institution and
  • Master Trust Schemes – membership open to employees of different organizations

We are committed to developing innovative approaches to pension fund management. Our commitment to innovation and strong technical competencies make us your pension fund manager of choice for the future.


Tier III Schemes - Provident Funds

The voluntary Tier III pension scheme are structured to provide more flexibility for companies and employees, than in the case of the Tier I and II schemes, to better handle welfare and long-stay compensation issues and positively influence employee retention. InvestCorp encourages the set-up of Tier 3 pension schemes to enjoy the benefits available to employees as well as the employer.


Support Services

Our goal is to help you achieve all your financial objectives; thus, we are available to provide added services including but not limited to education on retirement planning for staff and tax management services.

Corporate Funds

We provide a wide range of corporate fund management and advisory services.


Regardless of your institution’s needs, InvestCorp’s team of investment professionals in managing corporate and institutional funds ensure that conversations of downside risk attributable to changes in financial market prices, interest rates and exchange rates, that could potentially affect the value of your investments are had with you.

We provide a wide range of corporate fund management and advisory services with the focus of providing solutions and delivering results. Our services include:

  • Capital market research
  • Capital raising
  • Fund Management
    • Corporate funds management
    • Pension fund management
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Valuations
  • Mergers and acquisitions



Corporate Portfolio Management

InvestCorp’s solutions to Institutions and Corporations allow us to invest on your behalf via various portfolio structures designed on the basis of an agreed mandate. Our solutions are targeted at corporate bodies who desire to manage excess cash and earn competitive returns by investing in either short, medium or long-term securities.

We provide a wide range of investments options to take advantage of multiple asset classes such as currencies, private equity, real estate funds, emerging market mutual funds, frontier market bonds, and pan-African listed equities, Eurobonds while we manage your liquidity needs to ensure that funding is available when it is required.


Endowment Funds

InvestCorp believes in empowering organizations to make investment decisions that support their mission. The existence of an Endowment Fund (EF) safeguards the future of institutions, ensuring a sustainable organization.

We help you understand in details what EFs are and how they will affect the interested organization’s business. We engage Endowment Funds (already established and new ones) on

  • Overall strategy
  • Payout policy
  • Investment policy definition
  • Fundraising
  • Fund growth simulation

We also give you the opportunity to engage our team for guidance on starting an EF for your institutions.


Group Personal Schemes

We provide this solution as a disciplined approach to investing through our Investment Club arrangement. Any group of individuals with a medium to long-term investment outlook and shared investment goals and philosophy e.g. old students’ associations, church groups, colleagues, friends, families, etc. can set up a group personal

We provide institutions and organized group, services that second to none. Our team will explain to you the power of the collective in achieving a specified purchase. We offer your group

  • customized investment solutions & competitive returns
  • diversified and safe investment portfolios
  • easy access to member statements ensuring transparency
  • a robust structure that accurately tracks member contributions, automatically distributes returns and eliminates reconciliation conflicts
  • proactive advisory through which members are periodically updated on relevant market developments

We are experienced professionals who understand that It services is changing, and are true partners who care about your future business success.

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